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Code 6021064 
Study module Energy and sustainable development 
Extent 8,00 
Type of study  
Subject (only in language studies)  
Classification Degree Programme specific 
organization in charge Degree Programme in Sustainable Development 


At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  • Identify energy resources, types and uses;
  • Understand the need for alternative energy resources.
  • Quantify the merits and demerits of wind, solar, hydropower and biomass energy resources respectively
  • Distinguish between environmental and economic advantages of different energy resources,
  • Understand both local, regional and global impacts of the use of different energy resources,
  • Foresee the importance and balances of Future energy scenario of the world.
  •  Define Sustainable energy in the context of Energy management.
  • Understand the need for efficiency in production and utilization of existing energy resources; 


This course aims at equipping the students to understand clearly the concept of energy, renewable energy and the links between energy use, sustainable development and its environmental impacts at local, regional and global levels as well as technology and policy options to address energy problems. It also addresses the need for alternative energy resources. Present energy use and strategies addressing sustainable future energy issues in Finland will also be addressed.Future sustainable energy use, including renewable energy systems, clean energy production, highly efficient industrial and municipal energy systems, are highlighted in the course. Other issues including strategy developments of energy system will also be addressed



The final grade will be computed according to the following weight distribution: Class / Seminar Attendance: (20%), Assignments/Group works (20%), Final exam (60%),