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Code 6021063 
Study module Introduction to energy and sustainable development 
Extent 3,00 
Type of study  
Subject (only in language studies)  
Classification Degree Programme specific 
organization in charge Degree Programme in Sustainable Development 


At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  • Define Energy
  • Understand the concept of Energy
  • Identify various forms of energy, Energy Use and Users
  • Relate the concept of energy efficiency to sustainable energy conservation
  • Identify various forms of energy
  • Relate the link between Energy development and the environment


This course is designed to serve as a comprehensive introduction to the concept of energy in relation to sustainable development. The topics selected for coverage will allow students to get a first-hand yet in-depth view of the key challenges associated with implementing energy for sustainable development in a variety of development-related contexts. It will also examine the critical role of our society´s energy system in driving sustainable development. 



The final grade will be computed according to the following weight distribution:

Class / Seminar Attendance: (20%)

Assignments/Group works (20%),

Final exam (60%),