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Code 6021037 
Study module Sustainable development in different cultures 
Extent 3,00 
Type of study  
Subject (only in language studies)  
Classification Degree Programme specific 
organization in charge Degree Programme in Sustainable Development 

- The student figures out the meaning of different cultures on sustainable development.

The student has organisational and communicative skills related to international cooperation.

The credits are completed by making an excursion, the destination and theme of which are chosen before the start of the course.
During the trip, students familiarize themselves with local culture and its different practical activities.

Within the chosen theme, special attention is paid to what the objectives of sustainable development are locally and how they have been realized in practice. An itinerary is drafted for the excursion to support the reaching of the aforementioned goals.


The course is evaluated numerically (grades 1-5) or as pass / fail.