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Code 6021032 
Study module Scientific field research methods and species identification 
Extent 8,00 
Type of study  
Subject (only in language studies)  
Classification Degree Programme specific 
organization in charge Degree Programme in Sustainable Development 


- The student has a basic knowledge of natural habitat identification and of particularly the natural habitat types of nature conservation, forest and water legislation as well as targets specified in annex I to the Habitat Directive.
- The student masters the central and most essential representatives of two species groups (vascular plants and birds) from the point of view of nature survey and attains the ability to expand his / her species identification skills to other species groups.
- The student is familiar with the fundamentals of making a nature survey, masters the methodology related to its planning and practical implementation as well as the requirements of a decent nature survey. 




The course is evaluated numerically (grades 1-5) or as pass / fail.