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Code 1001006 
Study module Finnish Language and Communication 
Extent 3,00 
Type of study  
Subject (only in language studies)  
Classification Common 
organization in charge Turku University of Applied Sciences 

The student is able to act in a purposeful way in communicating and interacting in working life situations. He/she is able to take into consideration the receiver, the situation and the demands of the field and to communicate in an analytical, understandable and convincing manner.

The student is able and willing to develop his/her skills in the Finnish language and communication as part of his/her professional competence.


Students know how to

-interpret the professional texts in their own field as part of information literacy skills and use their skills in new, different situations (for instance, text analysis and summary)

-write factual, consistent and understandable texts (for instance, small scale studies, reports, essays, professional presentations using source material) and to give references to sources according to given instructions (the basics of research communication)

-use up-to-date tools as support for their own linguistic ability in proof-reading (central contents in correcting language and text)

-act in a professional way in the verbal communication situations in working life, and to prepare for diverse speaking situations in a purposeful way (i.e. with the help of situation analysis and analysis plan)

-express themselves clearly using visual aids and by using language appropriate to the situation

-assess their own communication skills (the language and structure of spoken and written language, factors affecting readability and understandability, the effectiveness of the message)and to give and receive constructive criticism



Participation in instruction, written and oral evaluation.