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Code 1001004 
Study module English Professional Skills, B2 
Extent 3,00 
Type of study  
Subject (only in language studies)  
Classification Common 
organization in charge Turku University of Applied Sciences 

The aim of the course is to activate and develop the students’ field-relevant English language and communication skills. The students will gain professional skills in various spoken and written communicative situations encountered in working life and society. In addition, they will learn to utilize tools and techniques to further develop their skills in authentic, field-specific contexts. More specifically, students will focus on developing their language and communication skills in.

Upon completing the course, the students should have acquired skills to communicate at level B2 according to European Framework of Reference for Languages, which states that at B2-level students should be able to produce clear, coherent and well-structured texts, present detailed descriptions related to one’s field of interest, express and exchange opinions using fluent language, follow complex arguments, and read longer articles and reports.

  • writing professional, field-specific texts
  • presenting and discussing field-specific topics in a professional manner
  • reading field-specific texts and utilizing the information in professional contexts
  • learning and using key terminology of their field
  • becoming professional, autonomous language users in working life

Approved written and oral assignments. Assessment in the scale 0-5 or pass/fail.