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Tunnus 1002397 
Opinto Finnish in Working Life for Beginners 
Laajuus 6,00 
Opinnon tyyppi  
Aine (vain kieliopinnoissa)  
Luokitus Yhteinen 
Vastuuorganisaatio Turun ammattikorkeakoulu 
Opintojakson tavoitteet

This course gives students basic knowledge of Finnish language and Finnish Working Life.

The course focuses on understanding and using basic sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of every-day life and especially in working life.

Students will also get information about Finnish Working Life: what is specific in Finnish Working Life, how to apply for jobs, how to operate in work place etc. depending also on student’s interest area.

You will learn to introduce yourself and some basic points already at home through web material.
The starting level is at least A1.1, and your desirable outcomelevel is A1.3.

Opintojakson sisältö

Language practice both in oral and written communication related to working life


Assessment scale 1-5.