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Yearly theme and competence goals

Degree Programme in Sustainable Development, TKES09 (Under editing)

Yearly theme and competence goals

1st year (2009-2010)

2nd year (2010-2011)

3rd year (2011-2012)

4th year (2012-2013)

Competence goals of the degree programme
1st year (2009-2010) Total71
1000320 Study Skills and Professional Growth2
1000003 Finnish Language and Communication3
4020155 English2
4020188 Basics of Sustainable Development5
4020125 Basics of Environmental Science12
4020124 The Mathematic-Scientific Basics of Sustainanle Development12
4020153 Humanity and Sociological Premisses2
4020193 Basics of Economic Activity3
4020197 Data Management5
4020154 Man, Environment and Sustainable Development3
4020157 Socio-Political Implementing Methods2
4020192 Production, Control and Guidance of Informatiom5
4020158 Administrative Control Methods3
4020191 Planning Skills in Promoting Sustainable Development4
4020065 Work Placement6
4020196 Technical Solutions of Environmental Protection to Promote Sustainable Development2
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