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Yearly theme and competence goals

Degree Programme in Sustainable Development, NKEKES12 (Under editing)

Yearly theme and competence goals

1st year (2012-2013) A knower of sustainable development

2nd year (2013-2014) An implementer of sustainable development

During the second year of studies the emphasis is more explicitly on professional competence in the environmental field. The studies encompass the central themes of the environmental and sustainable development field. These themes can then be applied in functioning in different professional networks and in searching for professional knowledge in relation to each sustainable field in question. At the end of the second year the student of sustainable development has a diverse impression on the different aspects and nearly all-encompassing nature of sustainable development, the relative importance of its different sub-areas as well as the central policy networks of sustainable development. After the second year the student already has the ability to implement sustainable development principles in his/her own societal activities.

3rd year (2014-2015) A developer of sustainable development

4th year (2015-2016) An expert-contributor of sustainable development

Competence goals of the degree programme
2nd year (2013-2014) Total81
6021062 Suunnittelutaidot kestävän kehityksen edistämisessä 4
6021012 Research methods of the environment8
6021015 Socio-political implementation methods6
6021018 Environment-related economic instruments2
1001001 Study Skills and Professional Growth1
6021019 Management systems in organisations4
6021013 Man, environment, and sustainable development2
6021014 Technical problem solving methods for promoting sustaianble development7
1001004 English Professional Skills, B21
1001019 Swedish Language and Communication3
6021041 Sustainable development project3
6021006 Fundamentals of environmental science1
6021008 Foundations of human and social sciences4
6021009 Basics of economic activity6
6021010 Economic viewpoint on environmental issues3
6021032 Scientific field research methods and species identification8
6021046 Foreign Lecturers3
6021052 Nutrition ecology3
6021035 Work placement12
1Individual scale innovation competences4Luonnonympäristön toiminnan tunteminen ja tilan parantaminen7Taloudellisten ohjauskeinojen soveltamistaito
2Communal scale innovation competences5Kestävän kehityksen toiminnan aikaansaaminen8Tietoyhteiskunnan työmuotojen hallinta ja ammatillinen kehittyminen
3Network scale innovation competences6Suunnitteluprosessien hallinta ja menetelmien osaaminen
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