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Yearly theme and competence goals

Degree Programme in Sustainable Development, NKEKES12 (Under editing)

Yearly theme and competence goals

1st year (2012-2013) A knower of sustainable development

The objective of the first year of studies is to learn how to apply the tools studying and to learn how to evaluate one?s own competence and development in regard to professional objectives. In addition to university of applied sciences general studies the programme already includes studies and projects related to the field of sustainable development. During the first year the student learns the basic concepts of sustainable development and learns to perceive that sustainable development is not a only a matter of ecology but a way of functioning that challenges the whole society. Among central themes are also included natural resources, material flows, energetics, business and environmental business activities, as well as the indicators of sustainable development and the operational environment of the environmental field.

2nd year (2013-2014) An implementer of sustainable development

3rd year (2014-2015) A developer of sustainable development

4th year (2015-2016) An expert-contributor of sustainable development

Competence goals of the degree programme
1st year (2012-2013) Total92
1001001 Study Skills and Professional Growth2
6021062 Suunnittelutaidot kestävän kehityksen edistämisessä 1
1001006 Finnish Language and Communication3
6021013 Man, environment, and sustainable development3
6021016 Information production, management and instruction5
6021017 Administrative guidance methods3
6021014 Technical problem solving methods for promoting sustaianble development2
1001004 English Professional Skills, B22
6021003 Basics of sustainable development5
6021006 Fundamentals of environmental science9
6021034 The mathematic-scientific fundamentals of sustainable development12
6021042 Activities promoting sustainable development3
6021008 Foundations of human and social sciences2
6021009 Basics of economic activity3
6021043 Climate change locally3
6021045 Pro Healthy Life3
6021011 Data management5
7000180 Project Hatchery3
6021049 National Parks in Finland3
6021064 Energy and sustainable development8
6021050 The Archipelago Sea - The Baltic Sea3
6021063 Introduction to energy and sustainable development3
6021035 Work placement6
1Individual scale innovation competences4Luonnonympäristön toiminnan tunteminen ja tilan parantaminen7Taloudellisten ohjauskeinojen soveltamistaito
2Communal scale innovation competences5Kestävän kehityksen toiminnan aikaansaaminen8Tietoyhteiskunnan työmuotojen hallinta ja ammatillinen kehittyminen
3Network scale innovation competences6Suunnitteluprosessien hallinta ja menetelmien osaaminen
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