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Yearly theme and competence goals

Degree Programme in Sustainable Development, NKEKES10 (Under editing)

Yearly theme and competence goals

1st year (2010-2011) A knower of sustainable development

2nd year (2011-2012) An implementer of sustainable development

3rd year (2012-2013) A developer of sustainable development

4th year (2013-2014) An expert-contributor of sustainable development

Competence goals of the degree programme
Study year (NaN-NaN) Total0
1Learning competence5Organisational and societal competence9Competence on planning processes and methods
2Ethical competence6Internationalisation competence10Competence on economical steering methods
3Communicative and social competence7Competence on processes and state of natural environment11Competence on mode of work of the information society and professional development
4Development competence8Competence to promote practices for sustainable development
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