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GroupVAVA1819/Elective Studies
course5051111 Introduction to Programming, 5.00 cr, 133 h
ImplementationIntroduction to Programming/3004
Implementation timeAutumn 2018-2019
Responsible teacher Jumppanen Anne
Other teachers
Status of implementationRunning

State of the description Under editing
Language of instruction Finnish
GroupsVAVA1819 (primary)
Starting and ending dates03.09.2018 - 31.07.2019
EN-Edellytetään palautteen keruuta No
Suitable as elective studies for others No
Offered for the Open University of Applied Sciences. No
Offered for virtual University of Applied Sciences. No
Suitable for exchange students No
Minimum number of participants 0 
Maximum number of participants 0 
Enrollment period01.08.2018 (klo 08:00) - 02.09.2018
Implementation method
Method of completion
Virtual extent, cr 0 cr
R&D integration, cr 0 cr
Implementation location Joukahaisenkatu unit
Assessment at the latest 31.08.2019 
Exam date  
Re-examination dates
Storing of graded material ends 29.02.2020 
Responsible faculty
Responsible campus
Responsible degree programme Elective Studies
Language of the description English 

After completing the course the student can:

  • describe the most important software application types and their typical features
  • discuss the selection of a proper solution technology
  • define the main concepts of programming such as source code, compiler, variable and data type
  • read program code written by someone else
  • utilize the most important decision and control structures
  • recognize basic object-oriented concepts (class and its members, object, reference, exceptions)
  • design and implement simple software applications
  • draw a flow chart of the program.
  • software application structure
  • development environment and tools
  • variables and data types
  • functions
  • decision and control structures
  • arrays and lists

Scale: 0 - 5

Competence objectives
Student's workload
Preliminary information
Learning material
Virtual learning material
Learning platform
Other literature and supplementary material
Other arrangements related to the implementation
Costs for the student
Course feedback and its processing
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