SoleOPS 3.3.1 3.6.2, ©2005-2017Solenovo Oy

TUAS introduces Peppi system and because of data transfer students cannot login to SoleOPS starting on 13 September 2018. TUAS personnel cannot login to SoleOPS starting on 14 September at 14:00.

SoleOPS Study guide

SoleOPS is a browser based planning tool for teaching. It can be used to create for instance

  • Curricula, study plans, descriptions of study units, and implementation plans of individual components of study units for incoming student groups,
  • Annual themes and learning objectives to direct students towards goal-oriented studying.
  • Later, SoleOPS can be used to create an Individual Study Plan (ISP).

The information in SoleOPS lends itself to creating reports that are needed by the educational units and administration of the institution. Information from SoleOPS can be transferred to other systems such as Winha.

For students, SoleOPS presents an easy way to access the entire instructional offerings of the University of Applied Sciences as well as detailed information from curricula to the implementation plans of individual study units and their components.

Teachers and personnel find in SoleOPS the most recent information about curricula, offerings during the term, and implementation plans of study units and their components, for instance.

The majority of the services of SoleOPS are accessible freely to everybody.