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Implementation plan

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GroupNTIETS11/Degree Programme in Information Technology (Turku)
course5051060 Embedded Linux Driver Development, 3.00 cr, 80 h
Information Technology
ImplementationSulautetut ohjelmistot/1004
Implementation timeSpring 2013-2014
Responsible teacher Roslöf Janne
Other teachers
Status of implementationEnded

State of the description Completed
Language of instruction English
GroupsNTIETS11 (primary)
Starting and ending dates22.04.2014 - 06.06.2014
EN-Edellytetään palautteen keruuta
Suitable as elective studies for others No
Offered for the Open University of Applied Sciences. No
Offered for virtual University of Applied Sciences. No
Suitable for exchange students Yes
Minimum number of participants 20 
Maximum number of participants 30 
Enrollment period01.12.2013 (at 08:00) - 25.04.2014
Implementation method Contact
Method of completion Exam, Practical work, Report
Virtual extent, cr 0 cr
R&D integration, cr 0 cr
Implementation location Joukahaisenkatu unit
Assessment at the latest 31.08.2014 
Exam date  
Re-examination dates
Storing of graded material ends 28.02.2015 
Responsible faculty Telecommunication and e-Business
Responsible campus Joukahaisenkatu unit
Responsible degree programme Degree Programme in Information Technology (Turku)
Language of the description English 

After completing the course, the student:

  • knows essential features of embedded Linux development environment
  • understand the roles and essential tasks of drivers and the operating system
  • is able to implement simple drivers with C programming language.
  • Basic theory on Linux device driver development
  • Laboratory work: design and development of a driver using C language

Scale: 0-5

Competence objectiveshardware expertise, software expertise, software business: proficiency in sw engineering methods, embedded software: proficiency in sw engineering in embedded systems

The course focuses on introduction to Linux driver development using C programming language. The course consists of a set of laboratory exercises which are mandatory in order to pass the course.

NOTE: The teacher of the course is Mr. Tommi Ketola (email:

Student's workload
  • Laboratory exercises: 32 h
  • Independent study: 48 h
  • Total: 80 h

Exam + accepted laboratory exercises

Preliminary information

Knowledge and skills from the autumn semester part of Embedded Software 1 (Topics in Embedded Software) are required to enter the course.

Learning material

Linux Device Drivers 3rd edition

Virtual learning material
Learning platform
Other literature and supplementary material

To be discussed during the laboratory sessions.

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Course feedback and its processing
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