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Implementation plan

Learning events Learning events
GroupVAVA1314/Elective Studies
course1000393 Get Finternational, 3.00 cr, 80 h
Implementation timeAutumn 2013-2014
Responsible teacher Joshi Marjo
Other teachers
Status of implementationEnded

State of the description Completed
Language of instruction English
GroupsVAVA1314 (primary)
Starting and ending dates10.09.2013 - 31.12.2013
EN-Edellytetään palautteen keruuta
Suitable as elective studies for others Yes
Offered for the Open University of Applied Sciences. Yes
Offered for virtual University of Applied Sciences. No
Suitable for exchange students Yes
Minimum number of participants 16 
Maximum number of participants 120 
Enrollment period01.08.2013 (at 08:00) - 10.09.2013
Implementation method Blended
Method of completion Report
Virtual extent, cr 1 cr
R&D integration, cr 0 cr
Implementation location Turku University of Applied Sciences

Available in all TUAS campuses, also in Salo campus.

Assessment at the latest 30.05.2013 
Exam date  
Re-examination dates
Storing of graded material ends 30.11.2013 
Responsible faculty Unit of Corporate Services
Responsible campus Turku University of Applied Sciences
Responsible degree programme Elective Studies
Language of the description English 

International students: gaining a wider perspective into the Finnish society, taking part in it more actively, learning how to analyse the adaptation to a foreign culture, learning how to interact with the representatives of different cultures.

Finnish students: learning how to interact with the representatives of different cultures, being more confident in using foreign languages, analysing cross-cultural issues, gaining another perspective in one’s own culture.




Students will take part in different events and collect markings from them.



Collecting markings from the events and returning reports. Grading passed (H) / failed (0).



Competence objectives

Get Finternational consist of different workshops and events. To pass the course you need to attend 3 workshops, 3 Get Finternational events and 2 Get Finternational, ESN-IAC or Student Union TUO events. In addition to that you need to return the required tasks and the final report.

(International Tutors: 1 workshops and 3 Get Finternational, ESN-IAC or Student Union TUO events. You also need to reutrn the required tasks, the final report and the international tutor report.)

The course begins with a compulsory meeting on 17th of January at 16.30 - 18.30 at ICT-house, auditorium Delta. If you can't attend the meeting you need to a compensation task.

Student's workload

The grading is H (passed ) / 0 (failed)

Preliminary information
Learning material

Material will be given in the workshops / events.

Virtual learning material
Learning platform


environment: VAVA & VirtuaaliAMK

workspace: Get Finternational Sping 2013

Other literature and supplementary material
Other arrangements related to the implementation
Costs for the student

Some events organised by the Get Finternational course organisators, ESN-IAC and Student Union TUO might have fees. Usually museum visits are apprx. 3-8€. ESN-IAC and TUO events depend on the event itself, e.g. trips have higher fees.

Course feedback and its processing

The feedback will be collected with the final report and processed in the Get Finternational team meetings.

Learning events Learning events