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Implementation plan

Learning events Learning events
GroupVV2012/Elective Studies
course1002236 Business promenade, 5.00 cr, 133 h
Kansainvälinen kesäkoulu
Implementation timeSpring 2012-2013
Responsible teacher Querrec Emmanuel
Other teachers
Status of implementationEnded

State of the description Completed
Language of instruction English
GroupsVV2012 (primary)
Starting and ending dates12.08.2013 - 23.08.2013
EN-Edellytetään palautteen keruuta
Suitable as elective studies for others Yes
Offered for the Open University of Applied Sciences. No
Offered for virtual University of Applied Sciences. No
Suitable for exchange students Yes
Minimum number of participants 12 
Maximum number of participants 25 
Enrollment period01.12.2012 (at 08:00) - 30.04.2013
Implementation method Blended
Method of completion Report
Virtual extent, cr 0 cr
R&D integration, cr 0 cr
Implementation location Turku University of Applied Sciences
Assessment at the latest 31.08.2013 
Exam date  
Re-examination dates
Storing of graded material ends 28.02.2014 
Responsible faculty Unit of Corporate Services
Responsible campus Turku University of Applied Sciences
Responsible degree programme Elective Studies
Language of the description English 



  • Discovering some of the business treasures of South West Finland and Turku Region

  • Gaining an understanding of the Finnish professional environment and its role within the society

  • Understanding the Finnish and Turku area business culture and its impact on business people’s behavior, and thereby how multicultural interactions develop

  • Place entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity into the business life context and society as a whole

  • Gaining an increased understanding on how creativity and strategic thinking are turned into unique business concepts and competitiveness

  • Apply analytical skills on some of the important local sectors and companies for discussing their specificities and future trends

  • Apply analytical skills on some business functions observed and/or critical for local companies

Competences to be achieved

Ethical competence, organisational development competence, innovation competence, general management competence



  • Local Entrepreneurship (skills, culture, ideas, creation, innovation, growth)
  • Globalization actors (sectors, companies, trends)
  • Local social-societal businesses issues (minorities, entertainment/well-being industries…)
  • The Business Journey (discovering the local businesses by visiting their facilities)

The student needs to complete and pass the three tasks in order to get the credits for that course:

  • Individual learning report (40%)
  • Promenade journal (40%)
  • Individual performance evaluation (based on achieving tasks, participation, involvement in the discussions and contribution to the course) (20%)

Evaluation scale 1-5

Competence objectives

Summer 2013.

Two intensive weeks.

Student's workload

Lectures 32 h

Study Guidance: 25 h

Self learning: 78 h

Preliminary information
Learning material

Pedagogical materials:
Lectures, Workshops
Articles, case studies, readings
Guests speeches
Visits / Field Trips
Student’s curiosity

Virtual learning material

Lectures slides


Case studies and exercises

Learning platform


Other literature and supplementary material

All the materials can be found via Optima.
Other materials will be advised during implementation.
Students are empowered and encouraged to independently explore complementary materials.

Other arrangements related to the implementation

To be agreed case by case with the lecturer and the program manager.

Costs for the student

Local bus ticket for visit.

Course feedback and its processing
Learning events Learning events