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Implementation plan

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Learning events Learning events
GroupVAVA1819/Elective Studies
course1002321 Cultural Experiences, 3.00 cr, 80 h
ImplementationCultural Experiences/3001
Implementation timeAutumn 2018-2019
Responsible teacher Simola Sanna
Other teachers
Status of implementationEnded

State of the description Completed
Language of instruction Finnish
GroupsVAVA1819 (primary)
Starting and ending dates17.09.2018 - 25.11.2018
EN-Edellytetään palautteen keruuta No
Suitable as elective studies for others Yes
Offered for the Open University of Applied Sciences. Yes
Offered for virtual University of Applied Sciences. No
Suitable for exchange students Yes
Minimum number of participants 16 
Maximum number of participants 30 
Enrollment period03.09.2018 (at 08:00) - 12.09.2018
Implementation method Web
Method of completion Report
Virtual extent, cr 3 cr
R&D integration, cr 0 cr
Implementation location Turku University of Applied Sciences
Assessment at the latest 25.12.2018 
Exam date  
Re-examination dates
Storing of graded material ends 25.06.2019 
Responsible faculty Unit of Corporate Services
Responsible campus Turku University of Applied Sciences
Responsible degree programme Elective Studies
Language of the description English 

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To complete the course:

  • enrol in SoleOps
  • start a blog in the blogging platform of your choosing (PUBLIC i.e. open to all readers)
  • send a link to the blog to before you leave for exchange (your blog will be linked to the main course blog
  • write about 40 posts with photos, videos and texts (about 80h work) during your entire stay abroad
  • write in your posts about cultural shocks and other culture-related matters, on language, sights, food etc. Tell the readers what you experienced, how you felt, would you do something differently the next time, what to take into account compared to the Finnish culture etc. Include at least two theories on cultural awareness to the posts (e.g. Hofstede, Lewis) and reflect your own experiences.

Thus, the posts cannot be only about telling what you have done and where you will go.

Remember that the blog has readers and the posts should also give something to them. You might receive comments, so remember to answer them!

The blog can be quite personal, and the purpose is to show the writer’s persona and convey his/her emotions.

Once you have completed the assignment needed to complete the course, i.e. a blog with about 40 posts, please contact



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Student's workload
Preliminary information
Learning material
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Other literature and supplementary material
Other arrangements related to the implementation
Costs for the student
Course feedback and its processing
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Learning events Learning events